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intro thing January 13, 2010

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Hello there! So… this is a little blog about me – a small town Midwestern girl, born and raised, living pretty much as far from my childhood home as possible (while staying within the constraints of the continental United States). I followed my best friend out here last summer, armed only with stubbornness and a creative writing degree. I still have no idea what I’m doing with my life, other than watching my early twenties drift by amidst piles of eucalyptus bark while I write and apply for jobs from the comforts of my tiny apartment. Yes, I suppose I am another bored recession victim, but I grew up in a town that found itself sucker-punched by recession way before it became cool, so poverty, panic, and a totally uncertain future don’t grip me in the way they would most people. Truth be told, struggling feels more normal than whatever the alternative is – thriving maybe? It is what it is, and hopefully tomorrow it’ll be something better. Until then, oranges are cheap and poolside reading is free.