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I get the news I need from the weather report… February 4, 2010

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The weather has returned to approximately beautiful again after the recent rains. Watching the local temperatures scroll along the bottom of the newscast is fun. Real life example:

Downtown 65 degrees Hillcrest 65 degrees Northpark 65 degrees Balboa Park 65 degrees… hmmm… I’m sensing a trend here. What’s that you say? Chula Vista 65 degrees Kensington 65 degrees Poway 65 degrees… What’s the point of this again? I mean I feel like this could be much more concise... La Mesa 65 degrees Lemon Grove 65 degrees… Really channel 10? Really? Alpine 63 degrees… Woah. Woah woah woah. Back up. What’s the problem, Alpine? Can’t get with the program? Don’t give me that elevation crap. Everyone agreed on 65 degrees today. Not only are you screwing with the system and forcing the guy controlling the ticker tape to actually put in two seconds of effort, but you’re invalidating my whole point about... Del Mar 65 degrees Tierrasanta 65 degrees… Whatever Alpine, I’ll deal with you later. Hey newsperson, isn’t there anything else going on that you could be tacitly reporting in this little strip? MAN FOUND DEAD ON BENCH IN BALBOA PARK DETAILS AHEAD San Carlos 65 degrees… Did you just – wait – back up – I – Montreux 65 degrees… I don’t even know where that is! What about the dead person?? Glorious Santee 64 degrees… Is that actually part of the name?? What about the guy in the – San Miguel 65 degrees… Fine. Nevermind. You win. It’s not like I came here for news or anything anyway… Downtown 65 degrees Hillcrest 65 degrees… Damn you ticker tape.